Managing files

Adding a new file

Follow these steps to place a new file online:

  1. Go to (and select) the folder in which you want to place the new file online.

  2. You now see the 'Add files' button appear at the bottom right. Click it and then select one or more files you want to put online. Note: The files are now selected, but they are not yet online!

  3. There are two ways to place the selected files online: 
    1. Click the 'Start upload' button
      All selected files are now placed online.
    2. Click the green arrow to the right of the file
      Now only the file to the left of the arrow is placed online.
  4. Your file(s) are placed online and are visible as a list within the folder.
View filethis will show an larger view of the file, it also shows more file information
Download fileThis will download the file for local use
            * The file remains in the filemanager.
Rename fileThis will rename the file
move fileThis will move the file to a selected folder
Edit fileThis wil open an editor where you can edit your file
            * This button is only visable when the file is a image.
Delete fileThis will delete the file
            * Note! Deleted files cannot be recovered..