Adding a form to a page

Only after you have created a form can you insert it in one or more places on your site. There are two ways of doing this: 

  1. Using the block module (quick and easy)

  • Go to the page where you want to insert the form. 
  • Add a new block
  • Click the 'Change layout' button and choose the 'Form' option
  • Then the toolbar for the block changes. 
  • You then choose the 'Form Settings' option
  • There you select the form you want to insert (in this case: 'Contact')
  • Now the form automatically appears in the block.
  1. Through the code
    Note: this is for advanced users. If you need personal explanation? Please contact us
  • Copy the code beside the name of your form (e.g. *** NAME 1 ***)
  • Then you go where you want the form to appear
  • Click 'Code' (top left in the editor)
  • Paste the copied code in the right place